Sounds from Above #57

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Sounds from Above #57 is a special one as its the first episode that includes a few tracks from my own label that launched recently and I could not be more happy and proud about it. The tracks that feature really work well for this set and I need to highlight just that, I won’t be feature tracks from my label for shameless self-promotion. Over the years all tracks I have featured in my sets are in them only because they work for the set. So even if I have an abundance of Progressive Dreams tracks to choose from they will only make it into a Shane Collins set if they work for the set. That’s the thing, I take this part of what I do very seriously, like art and the entity that is Shane Collins chooses tracks for each set like its a jigsaw puzzle or an experience I am trying to create and I think that’s why my sets to well, because of that approach to creating them.


With that said this set is one of my better Sound from Above sets, with tracks from my label Progressive Dreams, Emergent, Progressive House Worldwide, Soluna, and Synth Collective. Enjoy!


1.[0:00] Vince Forwards – A Memory Remains (Original Mix) [Progressive Dreams]


2.[07:28] Lesson – Cadence (Original Mix)[Emergent Shotes]


3.[12:02] Sunset Moments – Halcyon (Kamron Schrader Remix)[Progressive Dreams]


4.[19:09] Raphael Mayers & Casper Salary – Rise Up [Progressive House Worldwide]


5.[24:27] MarioMoS – Moon Rising [Soluna Music]


6.[29:29] SoundLine & ZGOOT – Become Who You Are (Original Mix) [Progressive House Worldwide]


7.[35:30] Eimear – Wake Up (Talamanca Remix) [Synth Collective]


8.[41:44]   Lumidelic – Magic Garden (2018 Rework) (OriginalMix)[Emergent Music]


9.[46:29] Jettan – With Me (Valiant Remix)


10.[53:30] Z8phyR – Lailas Love (Original Mix)[Progressive Dreams]







3. 26th Oct












9.Jettan – With Me (Valiant Remix)




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