☆ Digitally Imported’s 17th Anniversary Progressive Special ☆ 4

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Very happy to be part of this again 🙂 DI.FM has always been an inspiration for me over the years and to find myself on the register for a monthly show is amazing and this is my set for its 17th Birthday Special. I hope you enjoy it.

I start this set off with a wonderfull track from Alex H’s new Album which you can buy here – https://www.beatport.com/release/one-heart-at-a-time/1884795

Following that Is a blend of some of my favoute tracks throughout the year. 2016 has been good to us (maybe not a long list of celebs though) and I look forward to next. Happy hols, lets make 2017 a good one 😉

This year Perplexity Music is my guest on the DI.FM 17th Bday bash and Orsa has provided us with a wonderful mix. I will provide links for that when he has uploaded it.

1.[0:00] Alex H – This Flag (Original Mix)[Moonscape Records]

2.[08:30] Visionate – Fading Dreams (Original Mix)[progressivehouseworldwide]

3.[13:03] Showave – Eternal (Original Mix)[Alter Ego Progressive]

4.[19:48] South Pole – Come Alive (Talamanca Remix)[Emergent Shores]

5.[26:18] Visionate – Eclipse (Original Mix) [progressivehouseworldwide]

6.[34:33] A.M.R – Time Lapse (Original Mix)[Alter Ego Progressive]

7.[41:03] Dextrose – Moksha (Orsa Remix) [Progressive House Worldwide]

8.[46:11] A.M.R – World without Colour (Original Mix)[Alter Ego Progressive]

9.[50:41] Roald Velden – Thru the Rain (Original Mix)[Sunset Melodies]

10.[55:41] Raphael Mayers – Miracle Run (Visionate Remix) [progressivehouseworldwide]











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