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This mix has everything, Progressive House, Progressive Trance (main) and some Uplifting Trance tracks. I start off with the lovely ‘Lullaby Lonely’ from Denis Kenzo and Vitodito’s ‘Valencia’ wonderful track, watch out for Vitodito. A couple of familiar tracks (in Warmer Days and I Never saw her again) from my last set. An absolute floor destroyer with fresh sounds here from Luigi Lusini. His tracks always have this ‘warm’ feeling to them, makes him one of my favorite trance artists and its why he is all over my sets.

Heatbeats ‘Game Over’ and Estiva’s remix of Ziziki keeps the mix flowing, and Max Braiman is a new name to be added to my tracklist with a superb track called Metropol.

Karanda from such an underrated duo, James & Andi really need more recognition for their outstanding work, and if you have not checked out their mixes i recommend you follow them on soundcloud!

Track 11 is where Armin meets Arty and you know that can only be a good thing! Their collaboration is amazing. Following on from this track i up the tempo with Richard Mowatt’s Pure remix of an absolute classic, ‘Seven Cities’, followed by Jewei and one of the years most outstanding tracks in Seoni (Falcon Remix)

I finish this set off with something a little different but none the less it’s still emotional and fits the mood, one of the nicest piano pieces i have ever heard. ‘Ludovico Einaudi – Nuvole Bianche’

This mix is sure to have something for everyone, and hopefully the video clips give you some motivation, i know it has for me.

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► Tracklist

1.[0:00] Denis Kenzo feat. Sveta B. – Lullaby Lonely (Progressive Mix) [Armada]

2.[5:40] beatport Johan Vilborg – Warmer Days (Original Mix) [Silk Royal Records]

3.[11:23] beatport Vitodito – Valencia (Original Mix) [Neuroscience Recordings]

4.[17:20] Speed Limits – Ode To The Wind (Juventa Remix) [Enhanced Progressive]

5.[21:48] Varun – I Never Saw Her Again (Mobil Remix) [Perceptive Recording]

6.[28:35] Luigi Lusini, F3nix Rebirth – The Lost Legend (Original Mix) [The Clubbers]

7.[33:48] Heatbeat – Game Over (Original Mix) [ARVA]

8.[38:54] Tritonal — Ziziki (Estiva Remix) [Enhanced Music]

9.[44:17] Ost & Meyer vs 7 Skies – Dharma (Original Mix) [Enhanced Recordings]

10.[50:10] Max Braiman – Moving Metropol (Original Mix) [SUPERCOMPS]

11.[56:43] Fredda.L feat. Sandra Passero – Charades (Karanda Remix) [Enhanced Recordings]

12.[1:02:35] Armin van Buuren vs Arty – Nehalennia (Original Mix) [Armada]

13.[1:08:53] Alexandre Bergheau & Tonny Nesse – Templar (Spark7 Remix) [Blue Soho Recordings]

14.[1:14:16] Seven Cities Pure MixSolarstone – Seven Cities (Solarstone Pure Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]

15.[1:22:11] Solarstone & Clare Stagg – Jewel (Pure Instrumental Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]

16.[1:29:26] Purple Stories & Static Blue – Seoni (Falcon Remix) [Digital Society Recordings]

17.1:36:44] Ludovico Einaudi – Nuvole Bianche
● Beatport

★ ★ These video clips were used according to fair use. All video clips i use here, while they are simply stunning, are not mine. I have credited them below. Most of these videos have been created by photographer/artists who share their work on Vimeo and similar websites. I have listed each of them with a link to any of their websites, facebook page and vimeo accounts ect, if you have time please check them out, they truly create some spectacular footage. Its all art.

If you own any video material in this and you would like me to remove it please contact me and i will take it down immediately ★ ★

Video Credits

Tom Lowe – http://tinyurl.com/yjvdtxb
Devan Graham – http://tinyurl.com/3gylmkr
Drift trike thailand – http://tinyurl.com/c5zybkc
IRC Dance MOvement – https://vimeo.com/15231100
GoPro – http://tinyurl.com/y2pr7v2

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