A Progressive Journey #32

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Hey guys,

Huge mix here, this was a marathon. I decided to record a Yearmix of the very best Progressive and Melodic trance that I have played in my sets for 2013, and with that there was just so many to choose from that this set ended up being a massive 51 tracks and 5 hours of music 🙂 A Progressive Journey number 32.

With so many amazing tracks this year has been fantastic so im looking forward to 2014. Check back soon for my Progressive House YearMix 😉

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Happy Xmas



1.[0:00] Lange – We Are Lucky People (Original Mix)[Lange Recordings]

2.[6:24] Remind Me Again (meHiLove Remix) by Eleven.Five [BPM Progressive]

3.[10:52] Allen Watts – Out of Reach (Thomas Hayes Remix) [Trance All-Stars-Records]

4.[16:52] Hazem Beltagui – Eclipse (Original Mix) [Enhanced]

5.[22:22] Speed Limits – Ode To The Wind (Original Mix) [Enhanced]

6.[27:07] Vitodito – Valencia (Original Mix) [Neuroscience Recordings]

7.[33:37] Muska – Uhne (Original Mix) [Alter Ego Progressive]

8.[40:37] 1Touch – Candle Melts (Mario & Eric J Remix) [Incepto Music

9.[46:07] Gal Abutbul – Agam (Original Mix) [LW Recordings]

10.[52:37] Johan Vilborg – Warmer Days (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]

11.[59:07] Dinka – Lotus (Johan Vilborg Remix) [Silk Royal]

12.[1:04:37] Seven Lions – The Truth (Original Mix) [Owsla]

13.[1:09:26] Aurosonic & Martire feat Paradise feat. Aelyn (Original Mix) [ASOT]

14[1:14:55] Tygris – Scarlett Silva (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]

15.[1:21:12] SNR – The Cure (Original Mix) [Arrival]

16.[1:26:11] Flashtech – On a Sunny Day (Original Mix) [Round Triangle]

17.[1:31:59] Protoculture – Talisman (Original Mix) [Re*Brand]

18.[1:37:15] David Broaders – Curracloe (Vintage & Morelli Remix) [Arrival]

19.[1:43:00] LTN – A Path To Nowhere (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) [Arrival]

20.[1:47:15] Terry Da Libra & David Broaders – Loss Aversion (Original Mix)[Enhanced]

21.[1:53:18] Kerry Leva – Proud [Oliver Smith Remix][Enhanced]

22.[1:59:31] Matt Eray – Resistance (Original Mix) [Alter Ego Progressive]

23.[2:05:27] Sun In The Winter feat. Neev Kennedy (KhoMha Remix)[RE*Brand]

24.[2:10:30] Naden – Kelevra (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]

25.[2:14:48] Rex Mundi – Hidden Treasures (Original Mix) [Coldharbour Recordings]

26.[2:25:30] Naden – Sentience (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]

27.[2:32:39] Thomas Hayes – Waterfall (Original Mix) [Infrasonic Future]

28.[2:38:48] Mehilove – Daylight (Andy Tau Remix) [Infrasonic Gold]

29.[2:44:57] Somna, Ash Richards – Wherever You Go (Orbion Dub) [Alter Ego]

30.[2:50:08] Skin & Bones original Andy Duguid feat Julie Thompson-Skin & Bones Original Mix[Magic Musik]

31.[2:55:10] Ilan Bluestone – Sinai (Original Mix)[Anjunabeats]

32.[3:00:21] Rikkaz – Africa (Wrechiski Remix) [Alter Ego Digital]

33.[3:06:42] Varun – I Never Saw Her Again (Mobil Remix) [LW Recordings]

34.[3:13:43] The Thrillseekers, Stine Grove – Everything (Wellenrausch Remix) [Adjusted Music]

35.[3:20:45] Sandra Passero, Fredda.L – Charades (Karanda Remix) [Enahnced]

36.[3:26:38] Fallen Angel feat. Ana Criado (Lange Remix)[High Contrast Recordings]

37.[3:32:45] Dreams feat. Natalie Gioia (Original Club Mix)[ASOT]

38.[3:40:23] Ronski Speed – Sanity Dub (Original Mix) [Euphonic]

39.[3:47:41] Matt Eray – Long Beach (Original Mix) [Alter Ego Progressive]

40.[3:52:05] Luigi Lusini & F3nix Rebirth – The Lost Legend[The clubbers]

41.[3:56:49] Corger – Dreams come True (Original Mix)

42.[4:02:05] LTN – Electric Nature (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]

43.[4:08:12] Our Brief Time In The Sun [Lange Recordings]

44.[4:14:45] 7 Skies, Ost & Meyer – Dharma (Original Mix) [Enhanced]

45.[4:20:23] Tritonal – Ziziki (Tritonal Club Mix) [Enhanced Recordings]

46.[4:26:01] LTN – Show Me Heaven (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]

47.[4:32:20] Moonsouls – Resolution (Broning Remix) [Infrasonic Recordings

48.[4:38:23] Armin van Buuren, Arty – Nehalennia (Original Mix) [Armind [Armada]

49.[4:44:27] Tonny Nesse, Alexandre Bergheau – Templar (Spark7 Remix)[Blue Soho Recordings]

50.[4:49:49] Hazem Beltagui feat Charlotte Haining Of What We Once Had (Original Dub Mix)[Red Soho]

51.[4:55:04] Solarstone – Seven Cities (Pure Mix) [Captivating Sounds]

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