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Here is my next episode of Sounds from Above, My monthly show on DI.FM Progressive, every second Wednesday of the month at 8:00 UK time.

Sometimes I have more time to do up a proper introduction and review of my sets, like here now. I open up this set with a track called Holograms from Zuubi, Ashraf Soobiah from Leicester, one of the fastest rising stars in this genre. He spoils us again with another great piece of music. Followed by Mobil, the Ukrainian producer who’s music always pleases me. His remix of Herself – Wont let you go has dreamy melodies, serene vocals, lifting synths and ambient atmosphere.

Dextrose from India remixes Hanski – LA @ Night, This is an absolutely stellar progressive track, soothing and the vocal adds more, it’s just marvellous. Budapest and Hungary based producer (and Rolling Deep Recordings head honcho) Aquatique delivers a track called “Dusk” its a warm melodic progressive track, filled with deeper textures and high flying melodic work. It has that warm relaxed feel with warming grooves building the track that we often seek for.

Digital Cassette remixes Manu Lei’s track, Tide Times and delivers, its lush and has a old school vibe going on. Music to my ears!

One of South Korea’s most gifted producers to date, Stan Seba. Stan gifts us ‘Lost Together’ a charming progressive tune, inspired by Stan’s love for travelling with his two daughters and wife, and simply for the fact that, no matter where you are, lost or not, you’re always together. This lovely little production delivers some delightful melodies, soothing atmosphere, warm bass and some stand out vocals and fx that truly give this track a stand out sound that warms the heart in no time.

Daniel Cattlin aka Intrinity the Manchester bound producer releases ‘Obsession’, a fresh and melodic progressive track, lovely. Keith Harris makes his way back on here again with a truly uplifting and sun drenched melodic progressive production called ‘Inner World’.

D05 delivers a track called ‘Late Night’ which has luscious melodies, catchy bass lines, smooth atmos, and catchy vocals. Next up Markus Hakala Remixes a track called ‘Call Of Solitude’ from Denmark based producer Thomas N and its gorgeous!

I finish up with a track from the same artist I started with, Zuubi. “Come Home” is a fantastic journey of crisp sound design, melodic arrangements and another joyfilled example of what this creative person is up to. It’s a great blend of elements, vocal adds and extremely tight sounds that all together bring on another great track.

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♬ Tracklist (Click track for Beatport)

1.[0:00] Zuubi – Holograms (Original Mix)[Progressive House Worldwide]

2.[6:30] Herself – Wont let you go (Mobil’s Lite mix)[Sunset Melodies]

3.[12:00] Hanski – LA @ Night (Dextrose Remix) [Progressive House Worldwide]

4.[17:30] Aquatique – Dust (Original Mix) [Progressive House Worldwide]

5.[22:00] Manu Lei – Tide Times (Digital Cassettes Ice Dice Mix)

6.[27:45] Stan Seba – Lost Together (Original Mix)[Elliptical Sun Melodies]

7.[33:30] Intrinity – Obsession (Original Mix) [Progressive House Worldwide]

8.[39:18] Keith Harris – Inner World (Original Mix)[Progressive House Worldwide]

9.[45:48] DO5 – Late Night (Original Mix)[Elliptical Sun Melodies]

10.[52:48] Thomas N – Call of Solitude (Markus Hakala Remix))[Elliptical Sun Melodies]

11.[58:22] Zuubi – Come Home (Original Mix)[Progressive House Worldwide]



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